Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Z is for Zapote

Zapote is a delicious fruit from the jungle.

I bet you'd like it if you tried it. Honestly, half the time I had no idea what I was eating because there are so many fruits I'd never seen before. However, they were mostly all delicious! If you have no other reason to travel go to discover new fruits- yum! This is the end of the A-Z challenge and I am a day late which isn't that bad as I started 3 days late. Also it snowed here yesterday and last night AGAIN, so that's my excuse. I mean, where am I supposed to get motivation from when it's freezing cold outside still in MAY?

Anyway, I hope wherever you are it's a bit nicer than it is here! Thanks for stopping by this blog! It's been fun!

Y is for Yema

Yema means yolk- you know, the kind that comes from an egg.

My name is particularly difficult for Hispanic people to say. I often get called egg yolk, or flame.

Maybe this would bother me, but I'm quite sure that I do such an awful job of saying some of their names that I almost welcome it so that I don't feel quite so bad about my incompetence. For example how would one pronounce Ximena? See- Men- ah, not X-e-meaner as this ignorant foreigner figured out while doing attendance and getting blank stares from everybody. One point for me.

This embarrassment can be avoided by checking over attendance lists before class and asking trusted colleagues how to pronounce the names. Alternately, ask them to sign in using a book- that won't help you learn their names though!