Saturday, April 6, 2013

D is for Dormir

If you speak French, you might be able to guess at the meaning of this word. Dormir means sleep. So, I decided that today I would tell you about the two weirdest places I have slept for the whole night.

1) One day my boyfriend, his best mate and I decided that we wanted to visit a different city at the last minute, and we couldn't get a bus ticket. Our friend decided to call in a favour with an acquaintance and scored us a spot on a less than reputable bus company. This entailed us waiting in the shadows until the coast was clear and slipping into the cab of the bus without a) security or b) disgruntled passengers seeing us. They charged us only 5 bucks a head for a trip that's usually worth 15. There was a long space about three feet wide and a foot high behind the drivers seat which I assume is for bags. My boyfriend and I squished into it and our other friend squatted behind the driver's seat. I can honestly say that it was the most comfortable bus ride ever- I fell asleep right away and it was easy being that I was lying down and it was dark and warm. Of course, if there had been an accident we'd have been dead meat, but what's life without a bit of risk right? I didn't even get travel sick, which was a miracle.

2) Another time, we decided to visit a rural place with a different group of friends. It was a bank holiday weekend and we figured we could stay in a hostal, but everything- I mean everything- was full. The friends said we could stay at their uncle's country house. Upon arrival, we quickly discovered that all 10 of us could not fit into their modest country house. This is the only bedroom.

Therefore, the non related people were left to either stay up all night or sleep in the truck. So that's where five of us quasi-slept together. In the cab of this truck.

Bet you've never had such an excellent night's sleep. It was freezing, cramped and very dark.

So, where have you spent the night?


KT Did said...

Boy, staying the the truck or camping is something I just don't do anymore. Maybe as a kid in the late 60's I did, but now I make sure to get a room long in advance. Brave you are.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like a real adventure! I often slept under bashers when I did campouts with Army Cadets, but it was really funny once, as a newbie, when I woke up in 3 inches of rain! Nobody told me I wasn't supposed to put it up in a ditch! :D